GMX 3 Series Riser



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Born a Champion — Straight Out of the Box.

The GMX 3 Series won a World Championship title in its first trip to a tournament field. Germany’s Michelle Kroppen took the GMX 3 Series to the top of the podium at the 2023 World Archery Championship. Featuring the same grip-to-limb pivot positioning of the Formula XD used by Mete Gazoz to win the World Championship, the GMX 3 Series gives the archer a geometry that promotes optimal tuning and grip engagement, harmonizing the archer to the bow. GMX 3 Series was born a champion, straight out of the box.

360º Pocket Damper

360º Pocket Damper.

Dampers are located in both the top and bottom pockets of the limbs, the optimal location to reduce both tactile and acoustic vibration. Significant vibration reduction in all axis. Factory installed, user adjustable/removable.

Perfect Balance Compatible.

Perfect Balance Compatible.

Weight System available as accessory with 1 oz optional stainless steel weights that fit inside cutouts and replaces the 360º Damper. Installation of one 1 oz weight in the bottom limb pocket balances riser perfectly at the pivot point.

360º Pocket Damper

Dynamic Balance Design.

Dynamic Balance Design (DBD) principles in all current Hoyt risers shift more of the riser's mass to the top and bottom limb pockets of the riser, increasing outboard inertia. This allows the riser to have a very stable feel during the draw cycle and especially during the launch of the arrow.

Perfect Balance Compatible.

New Pro Series Tiller Bolt.

Radial Laser Index Marks provide easy to use, repeatable tiller and weight adjustment alignment. Precisely crafted from premium stainless steel, and finished with a tough Nitride coating.

Perfect Balance Compatible.

Verta-Tune included.

Verta-Tune allows archers to customize the vertical location of the rest relative to the grip. GMX 3 Series comes standard with the high and middle clicker extension Verta-Tune plates.

Cerakote Riser Red
Cerakote Riser Orange
Cerakote Riser Blue
Cerakote Riser Purple
Cerakote Riser Slate
Cerakote Riser Black
  • InfraRed
  • Solar Orange
  • Cosmo Blue
  • Stardust Purple
  • Slate
  • Black Ink

New Cerakote Colors

Four new Cerakote color options join the classic Black Ink and Slate for 2024. InfraRed, Solar Orange, Cosmo Blue and Stardust Purple all bring the shine back to the Hoyt lineup, with the high-tech and innovative Cerakote finish allowing our risers to maintain the tight tolerances required by our team of engineers.

Foam Core

The Axia Foam Core limb system is Hoyt's newest, most advanced Syntactic Foam recurve limb. As the inventors of Syntactic Foam limbs, Hoyt continues to refine and update this incredibly stable core material that is light, fast and impervious to the elements. Having already graced a World Championship podium before their official release, Axia limbs are already proving to be a viable platform for maximizing scores.

Hoyt Axia Foam Limbs
Hoyt Professional Target Archer

Resin Core

The first version released in the Axia limb system, the Axia Resin Core combines many of the attributes preferred by top archers with a proprietary core material that is incredibly stable across varying conditions. Axia Resin Core was in the hands of Mete Gazoz as he took gold at the 2023 World Archery Championships.

Hoyt Axia Resin Limbs
Hoyt Professional Target Archer

Advanced Barebow Accessories.

A complete suite of accessories designed specifically for barebow archery, with feedback from some of the top barebow archers. New for 2024, a universal barebow weight system capable of 20, 30 or 40oz weight configurations; a low wrist grip and barebow Verta-Tune clicker plates.

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Hoyt Barebow Accessories Hoyt Barebow Accessories Hoyt Barebow Accessories
Hoyt Barebow Accessories

The GMX legend is reborn. Only at your Hoyt dealer.

The legend is back. The new GMX 3 Series. Blending the best of our historic past, with the proven technology of our most recent championship winning recurve bows. The GMX 3 Series is the pinnacle of Grand Prix recurve performance.

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