Formula XD Riser

The sleek, elegant Formula XD is refined from the Olympic and World Championship winning pedigree of previous generation Hoyt recurve risers. The Formula XD is designed with a grip-to-limb pivot geometry that optimizes tuning when paired with modern, high-performance recurve limb, eliminating unwanted vertical nock travel.


2.76 / 1,252

riser weight in pounds/grams

2.88 / 1,306

riser weight with Perfect Balance Weight System installed pounds/grams


riser length


length w/short limbs


length w/medium limbs


length w/long limbs

Hoyt Formula

Limb Fitting System

View of Formula XD newly designed pocket system, including String Tension Technology and riser damper technology.
New Hoyt Product

360 Damper System

Formula XD features a new 360 Damper System - an all-axes vibration killer providing a significant improvement in shot-feel. The Formula XD is designed with Dynamic Flex Control to provide riser flex where it’s ideal, and stiffness where it’s needed. Formula XD will provide a shot experience like no other Hoyt before it.

String Tension Technology

This unprecedented advancement and innovation in recurve archery allows shooters to adjust the string tension to customize limb feel. These small adjustments at the limb rocker point make the limbs feel shorter or longer, without any other alterations of the bow, limbs, or the tune of the bow.

View of Formula XD newly designed pocket system, including Perfect Balance Weight System and Pro Series Dovetail Block.

Perfect Balance Weight System

The Perfect Balance Weight System (PBWS) features two 1 oz. weights that can be moved between the top and bottom limb pockets, allowing archers to customize the vertical balance of the Formula XD.

Pro Series Dovetail Block

A refined Pro Series Dovetail block features an all-new precision alloy insert. This helps eliminate potential galling under certain conditions, eliminating unwanted noises and vibrations being generated from the limb pocket during the draw cycle.


VertaTune Clicker Plate

The Formula XD comes standard with three options of VertaTune rest plates - high, middle and low – allowing for the customization of arrow rest position for optimized tuning and performance that matches the archer’s shooting style.

Hoyt VertaTune Clicker Plate

Shibuya Ultima Rest VertaTune Clicker Plates also available.

New optimized grip position

The Formula XD features an optimized riser geometry, shifted from previous generation Hoyt Formula recurves to achieve better tuning by decreasing unwanted vertical nock travel. This centralized grip position promotes more consistent engagement from the archer and helps achieve a linear shot response.

New color options, perfect for any podium.

Formula XD is available in six Cerakote colors including: Frost White, Slate, Liquid Blue, Pink Champagne, Championship Red and Black Ink.

Formula XD recurve riser in Frost White, Slate, Liquid Blue, Pink Champagne, Championship Red and Black Ink
New resin-infused Axia recurve limbs

New resin-infused Axia limbs

Axia features a narrower body and limb tip design for the lightest, fastest limbs in Hoyt history. Coupled with a wedge design for an enhanced flex pattern and engineered carbon layers for increased smoothness, speed and consistency, Formula Axia is the best limb Hoyt has ever designed and produced. (Available in short, medium and long from 22-50# in 2-pound increments)

Carbon Integra recurve limbs

Carbon Integra limbs

Featuring the same narrow body and limb tip design as the world-class Velos limbs, Carbon Integra limbs are perfect for those archers who prefer the feel of a laminated Rock Maple core. (Available in short, medium and long and from 22-50# in 2-pound increments.)

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