Axia Recurve Limbs

Axia continues the performance pedigree of Velos limbs with an 8-layer carbon construction and featuring a new, proprietary resin infused core. and refined wedge design for increased performance and consistency across varied conditions.


Formula or Grand Prix

Limb Fitting System

Proprietary Resin Infused Core with Multi-Directional, High-Performance Carbon

Limb Materials

Short (66” w/ 25” riser) Medium (68” w/ 25” riser) Long (70” w/ 25” riser)

limb lengths


weight range in 2lb increments

Resin or Foam? Which one is for you?

Axia Resin Core and Axia Syntactic Foam Core limbs both are designed with materials and engineering that will help an archer perform at their maximum level. Both Axia limb systems will stand up to any challenge and any condition. Explore the differences below.

Foam Core

  • NEW Axia Syntactic Foam Core limbs - from the company that invented Syntactic Foam Core limbs.
  • Ultimate consistency - Shot after shot after shot performance.
  • High-action feedback profile – foam core limbs will feel powerful on the shot.
Hoyt Professional Target Archer
Hoyt Axia Foam Limbs

Resin Infused Core

  • Proven Winner. Axia Resin Limbs were used by Berlin 2023 Men’s and Women’s World Champions.
  • Resin Infused Core provides classic construction with the most modern material science.
  • Low-action feedback profile – resin infused core limbs will feel softer on the shot.
Hoyt Professional Target Archer
Hoyt Axia Resin Limbs
Inlaid Fork Pads

Inlaid Fork Pads.

New Delrin® Inlaid Fork Pads for decreased limb bolt friction, noise, and limb wear.

Optimized Torsional Rigidity.

The overall limb construction is designed for an optimal level or torsional rigidity, a characteristic that is key in helping shooters achieve maximum forgiveness in shot-to-shot-to-shot release variability.

Refined Wedge Design

Refined wedge design.

A refined wedge design compliments the Axia limb design, working with the core materials and the 8-Layer Carbon Construction to provide the ultimate in recurve limb stability and smoothness.

Carbon construction.

8-layer carbon construction.

Axia limbs are constructed with 8 layers of carbon fiber. Built with an exacting layup process of eight triaxial, biaxial and unidirectional carbon fiber laminations engineered for firm torsional control. Axia limbs store more energy with a smoother draw with a flex profile preferred by the world’s best archers.

AXIA. The feel is real. The choice is yours.

The most stable, highest-performing limbs Hoyt has ever made - now available in two versions with distinctly different shot profiles to match the preference of any archer.

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