Target Recurves Safety and Warnings


Before handling or using your Hoyt Bow. Please read the following safety and warnings for safe operating parameters.

 WARNING!  Always read the warning labels and manufacturer’s instructions of all products being used in conjunction with a Hoyt bow, including but not limited to all archery accessories and components directly attached to the bow or used in conjunction with the bow such as targets, arrows, broadheads, release aids, etc.

 WARNING!  It is critical that your bow is set up and functioning within the bow’s required safe operating parameters prior to use. Hoyt recommends that only a Genuine Hoyt Retailer setup and inspect your archery equipment to ensure that it is set up within the bow’s safe operating parameters.

 WARNING!  Carefully inspect your bow before each use. Before you handle or shoot your bow, carefully inspect the condition of your bow, accessories, arrows, and your release aid/finger tab, to ensure they are in good and proper working condition. Any suspected damage to your bow should be inspected by Hoyt or a Genuine Hoyt Retailer for possible repair or replacement.

 WARNING!  Before you handle or shoot your bow or other archery products, Hoyt recommends that you be trained and instructed in proper use by a certified archery coach. Sources such as USA Archery ( coach¬ing/find-an-instructor-or-coach), the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) organi¬zations, and The Archery Trade Association (ATA) have contact information for certified archery coaches in your area. Other archery associations in your area or country may also have suitable programs.

 WARNING!  An adult should always supervise minors whenthey are handling or shooting a bow.

 WARNING!  Never use alcohol or drugs while handling or shooting your bow.

 WARNING!  Always wear safety glasses when handling or shooting your bow.

 WARNING!  Always use a bowstringer when stringing or unstringing a recurve bow.

 WARNING!  Never let go of the bow handle while drawing the bow, holding the bow at full draw, or shooting the bow. It is important that you are able to maintain a consistent and secure grip on the bow handle without slippage of your hand on the bow grip. Use of items such as hand lotions, sunscreens, and insect repellents may limit your ability to maintain control of the grip.

 WARNING!  Always ensure that the area around your bow is clear of any and all obstructions to prevent items from being caught in the moving parts of the bow. When shooting your bow, never wear loose clothing, jewelry, or other items worn on your body that may get caught in the bow or bow string when the bow is shot.

 WARNING!  Never point or aim a bow at another person. Be sure of your target and what lies beyond. Never shoot arrows straight up into the air. Make sure that the path from where you are shooting to the target and beyond is free from people and obstructions. The view that you see when looking through your sight while shooting (the sight picture) may not clearly show the trajectory path of the arrow.

 WARNING!  Never dry fire your bow. To dry fire your bow, means to shoot the bow without an arrow. Never try drawing a bow that is too heavy for your strength or that does not fit your draw length as this could lead to an unintentional dry fire. A dry fire could cause your bow to break and cause death or serious injury to you or others. If your bow is dry-fired there could be both seen and unseen damage and it should be returned to Hoyt or taken to a Genuine Hoyt Retailer for inspection before any further use.

 WARNING!  Never loosen your limb weight adjustment bolts (Tiller Bolts) more than 6 turns from the bottomed-out position as it could cause the bow to violently disassemble

 WARNING!  Do not perform any maintenance, adjustments, or have any work performed of any kind on any part of your bow while drawing or during any other part of the shooting cycle. Do not allow others to work on or touch any part of your bow during the shooting cycle.

 WARNING!  Never shoot a bow with the incorrect arrow size (spine) or the incorrect arrow length. Shooting an incor- rect arrow size or length could cause your arrow to break and cause serious injury to you or others. Refer to the specific arrow manufacturer’s arrow selection chart to select the correct arrow size and length for your setup.

 WARNING!  Never shoot a damaged arrow. Before each shot, inspect your arrows for damage. See the specific arrow manufacturer’s warnings and instructions on proper arrow inspection methods. Discard all damaged arrows.

 WARNING!  Never mechanically alter or modify your bow. Drilling holes, cutting, filing, or sanding are examples of mechanically altering your bow which will likely cause the bow to break and could cause death or serious injury.

 WARNING!  Never draw or shoot a bow with frayed, worn, or damaged strings as it could break. Frayed, worn, or damaged bowstrings should be immediately replaced with a Hoyt Genuine Recurve String. Carefully inspect the string each time before shooting your bow. Hoyt recommends that you replace your string when showing signs of wear or after two years, whichever comes first.

 WARNING!  Never draw or shoot your bow without all string accessories (kisser button, nock points, string silencers) properly installed and secured to the string. Hoyt recommends that only a Genuine Hoyt Retailer install all string accessories.

 WARNING!  Never expose your string to sharp objects such as knives or broadheads, or direct heat sources such as open flame or extremely hot objects as they could easily cut or cause the string to break.

 WARNING!  Only use Genuine Hoyt manufactured replacement parts. Only Hoyt or a Genuine Hoyt Retailer should perform replacement of damaged parts.

 WARNING!  Never expose your bow to extreme heat or prolonged moisture. Damage can occur to your bow from heat exposure, prolonged exposure to moisture and improper storage.

 WARNING!  This warning is given in compliance with California State Prop 65. This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

 WARNING!  When handling and using a bow, including all stages of the bow being drawn to full draw, the bowstring being released, or the bow being let down, the archer and all bystanders must keep all body parts outside of the path of the bowstring and away from all moving parts.